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M.A.D. Game Calls

M.A.D. Calls Custom Cherry Crow
Model MD-413
Extra Loud Locator Call. Reproduces the laughs, hoots, and screams of an alert crow. A blasting range of over 1/2 mile. You'll find yourself sounding like an entire flock of these raucous birds when you cut loose with this custom cherry barrel beauty. Exceeding 15,000 Hz.,with its effective range of over 1/2 mile, this call is a definite must-have for your turkey vest this spring.
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M.A.D. Calls Custom Cherry Coyote
Model MD-414
Power Howlin' Locator. You can't help but wonder if this power howlin' coyote call doesn't have you breaking the sound barrier. Easily exceeding 15,000 Hz., it is without a doubt the loudest and highest pitched howler on the market. The shrill yelps and howls through its megaphone sound chamber carry over one mile, making this an excellent locator call for any terrain and/or condition.
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M.A.D. Calls "The Egg"
Model MD-340
Gun Mount Included. Peaks at 15,000 Hz. Ergonomic Design. Compact Size. Unique shape offers comfortable, one hand operation Aluminum sounding board for true high-pitched tone Functional as both a traditional push button turkey call or as gun mount. Includes gun mount attachment High frequency, realistic sounds. Field proven.
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M.A.D. Calls Custom Cherry Owl Hooter
Model MD-415

Extra Loud Locator. This 15,000 Hz. high frequency owl call exactly reproduces the laugh, hoots and screams of a barred owl. It features a beautiful customer cherry barrel with our special baffle in the keg end that allows for championship caliber hooting with minimal effort. This extra loud locator call has a blasting range of over 1/2 mile.

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